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Early puppyhood development will be started at GSM, where we get the puppies used to handling, socialization with other people in various environments, we will also have a professional trainer on site to work with the puppies weekly, where the puppies will be exposed to neurological stimulation that increases the puppies ability to handle stressors as well as other health benefits like a stronger heart rate and a stronger heartbeat, all started at 3 days – 16 days of life. BK9 will also work on environmental enrichment, regular handling, food training will be started with luring with source focus only where they will get movement and development of their coordination. 



At GSM Kennels our puppies are started within a working dog system and have the first phases of training completed. We will bring in a trainer to work with the puppies throughout the first 8 weeks. We also take the puppies into new environments and start environmental exposure at an early age. Our puppies will be an excellent fit for working, sport and active pet homes who've had experience with the breed.

​Phase 1 of training:​

- No corrections are used in puppy training 


 -Introducing  luring

- Movement development

 -Position shaping for obedience (sit front, left, right and middle heel positions, transitions to each) 

- Environmental enrichment

 - Sensitivity testing (exposure to objects and auditory stressors) 

- Hand touch/kiss  

Nosework ​

- Scented toy

 - Hunt drive building

 - Tube training  

Bite work 

​- Prey development

 - Grip Development 

 GSM will carefully go through each puppy application and a follow up phone interview may be needed to help select the best puppy suited for your family. GSM will only breed to what is an ideal time of year and environmental factor for puppies that will facilitate strong work-ability. ​If you'd like to fill out application and send it to

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