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Breeding Program 

We carefully select dogs that we incorporate into our breeding program. GSM Kennels aims to produce strong workability, environmentally stable and versatile dogs. We train and trial in a wide variety of dog sports to prove our dogs. 

Health testing is important for us at GSM Kennels to ensure that all of our puppies have a reduced chance of inheriting breed specific health problems. 


All of our dogs are part of our family and live within our home. Our dogs are versatile and go where we go be that patios, hikes (with other dogs), camping, and traveling. Having a "work life balance" is important for us at GSM Kennels. 



A Millie vom Uigg  RI

DM (Degenerative Myelopathy) - Clear 

SV A Stamp - HD Normal ED Normal LUW -1 

OFA - HD Good  ED Normal


Millie is a high drive female that has lots of "Spice" in protection sports. Millie has solid nerves and good environmental's, she is also dog and people neutral. She has high ball/toy drive and high food drive.

Millie has completed her CKC RN, RI title and currently has 2/3 legs of her RA title with (97/100 & 98/100 points) in addition she will be going for her CKC RE, CKC PCD, BH, in 2023 IGP 1 in 2024. 


Atlas vom Fritzhof RN

DM (Degenerative Myelopathy) - Carrier 

SV (Germany) - to be completed at 12-18 months

OFA  - (Pre lims completed at 12-18 months)

OFA - (completed at 24 months)

Atlas is a medium/hig ball drive and medium food drive female. Atlas is excelling nicely with protection training, tracking, and Obedience.


Atlas attained her CKC RN title at only 6 months, in 2023 she will work towards her CKC RI, CKC PCD, BH titles in 2023.


Jagermeister vom Gorka

DM (Degenerative Myelopathy) - Clear

SV - Completed at 12 - 18 months

OFA - (Pre-lims completed at 12-18 months)

OFA - (Completed at 24 months)


Jägermeister  "Jäger" will be a key part of our breeding program. 

GSM Kennels have big plans for Jäger. We're starting him with a solid foundation in movement and technical skills. Jäger will be started within a working dogs system on scent/tracking, obedience and protection. 

will be updating our page once he's landed in Nova Scotia. 

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