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Brands & Gear

GSM Kennels uses top brands to fuel, train and work our dogs. 

We've linked some of the brands we use below so you and your dog can access them too.

Some of the Brands we use at GSM Kennels

Why do we choose these brands?

At GSM Kennels we choose high quality food, brands and gear for our pets and team. if you want top results from your training you have to use the right tools.


 please reach out for any information on gear and brands you see us use on social media or on our page!



BK9 Offers Reliable Recall - Online or In person
This is the best program for reliable off leash freedom in 3 easy sessions. 

Becky also uses her E- Collar as a "Gas Pedal" in her obedience training and Demo work, which allows her to build on the foundations she has implemented prior to introducing the E-Collar. 

Contact BK9 Becky Annah for more Coaching online or in person.

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